Log In To Windows XP without any Password

Many of the PC are password protected and sometimes it happens that you lose it's password. But from now even though if you forget the password of your windows acount you will be able to open it as normal.This tutorial will show you how to log in on any computer without knowing the password.
Here we go,

  • Start the PC and wait till the log in screen appears .
  • Now press ctrl+alt+del together 3-5 times.
  • A windows XP classic log on screen will appear. 

  • Now type User name : Administrator.
  • Leave Password block blank.
  • Now click on OK and you will be logged on to WINDOWS XP.
  • Now if you want you can Change OR Remove the password of your account through CONTROL PANEL>USER ACCOUNTS. 
Note : This tricks only works if No Administrator Password was set during installation of Windows XP.

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  1. very nice trick this is useful to those who forget their password