Windows Hidden Applications

To run any of these apps go to Start > Run and type the executable name.


  1. Character Map = charmap.exe (very useful for finding unusual characters)
  2. Disk Cleanup = cleanmgr.exe
  3. Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd.exe (views contents of Windows clipboard)
  4. Dr Watson = drwtsn32.exe (Troubleshooting tool)
  5. DirectX diagnosis = dxdiag.exe (Diagnose & test DirectX, video & sound cards)
  6. Private character editor = eudcedit.exe (allows creation or modification of characters)
  7. IExpress Wizard = iexpress.exe (Create self-extracting / self-installing package)
  8. Microsoft Synchronization Manager = mobsync.exe (appears to allow synchronization of files on the network for when working offline. Apparently undocumented).
  9. Windows Media Player 5.1 = mplay32.exe (Retro version of Media Player, very basic).
  10. ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32.exe (something to do with databases)
  11. Object Packager = packager.exe (to do with packaging objects for insertion in files, appears to have comprehensive help files).
  12. System Monitor = perfmon.exe (very useful, highly configurable tool, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about any aspect of PC performance, for uber-geeks only )
  13. Program Manager = progman.exe (Legacy Windows 3.x desktop shell).
  14. Remote Access phone book = rasphone.exe (documentation is virtually non-existant).
  15. Registry Editor = regedt32.exe [also regedit.exe] (for hacking the Windows Registry).
  16. Network shared folder wizard = shrpubw.exe (creates shared folders on network).
  17. File siganture verification tool = sigverif.exe
  18. Volume Contro = sndvol32.exe (I've included this for those people that lose it from the System Notification area).
  19. System Configuration Editor = sysedit.exe (modify System.ini & Win.ini just like in Win98! ).
  20. Syskey = syskey.exe (Secures XP Account database - use with care, it's virtually undocumented but it appears to encrypt all passwords, I'm not sure of the full implications).
  21. Microsoft Telnet Client = telnet.exe
  22. Driver Verifier Manager = verifier.exe (seems to be a utility for monitoring the actions of drivers, might be useful for people having driver problems. Undocumented).
  23. Windows for Workgroups Chat = winchat.exe (appears to be an old NT utility to allow chat sessions over a LAN, help files available).
  24. System configuration = msconfig.exe (can use to control starup programs)
  25. gpedit.msc used to manage group policies, and permissions.


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