TuneUp Media v2.2.7

Description :

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TuneUp plugs into iTunes and Windows Media Player, providing you with easy, 1-click access to all the tools you need to get the most out of your music.

The interface is simple and intuitive. No instruction manuals needed!

TuneUp is able to intelligently fix your music library using cutting-edge acoustic fingerprinting technology, which evaluates the song's digital DNA and references it against Gracenote's MusicID™, the world's largest database of music metadata.

Quick Analysis

If you've ever wondered just how much of your music collection is messed up (missing artist names, track titles, albums and album cover art), Analyze can tell you in a matter of seconds.

Detailed Diagnosis

Find out just how much of your song information is inaccurate or missing. Analyze will break it down so you can see where you need the most help. Come on, we know you're just a little bit curious.
The Cure

Don't worry, TuneUp has the solution no matter how messed up your collection might be. Our Clean and Cover Art tools will fix it right up.

RAR File
28.9 MB


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