Install Multiple Programs With Single File

We often have to format our PC due to one or another reason and each time we need to install each and every software after formatting the PC. One will have to remember each & every software , download them separately and install them one by one after a fresh install. It’s really a boring and time consuming job.

Ninite Easy PC Setup is the free service which can make your life easier. You just have to download a single file and then it will do the rest of the things for you. It will install all the softwares selected by you and that too without any additional crap(e.g. toolbars).

All you have to do is, go to their site: and select the softwares you want to install and then download your customized installer. After downloading, run your installer and it will do everything for you. Setting up a new fresh OS can never be more simple.

Download Ninite


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