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The information given in this underground handbook will put you into a hacker's mindset and teach you all of the hacker's secret ways.The Hacker's Underground Handbook is for the people out there that wish to get into the the amazing field of hacking. It introduces you to many topics like programming, Linux, password cracking, network hacking, Windows hacking, wireless hacking, web hacking and malware. Each topic is introduced with an easy to follow, real-world example. The book is written in simple language and assumes the reader is a complete beginner.

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Title The Hacker's Underground Handbook: Learn How to Hack and What It Takes to Crack Even the Most Secure Systems!
Author David Melnichuk
Publisher CreateSpace, 2010
ISBN 1451550189, 9781451550184
Length 122 pages

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Mastering Microsoft Windows 7 Administration

A comprehensive guide for IT administrators deploying Windows 7
Using a task-focused approach and clear, no-nonsense instructions, this book delivers all the information you'll need to deploy and manage Windows 7 efficiently and securely. Learn how to install, configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows 7; explore advanced networking, security, and other advanced topics.
  • Delivers the information IT administrators need to deploy and manage Windows 7 successfully
  • Explains topics in the thorough, step-by-step style of all books in the Mastering series, providing you ample instruction, tips, and techniques
  • Covers how to install, configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows 7 and also explores advanced networking, security, and more
  • Uses a task-based approach, so you have plenty of real-world examples and exercises to help you understand concepts
All the books in the Sybex Mastering series feature comprehensive and expert coverage of topics you can put to immediate use.

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Title Mastering Microsoft Windows 7 Administration
Authors William Panek, Tylor Wentworth
Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2009
ISBN 047062678X, 9780470626788
Length 720 pages

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